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Join the Growing List of Interested Sales People

Things to Consider Before Putting Your Name on The Waiting List

  1. We are in the alpha level of development.
  2. You must be on the waiting list to be able to receive an invitation to become an independent contractor.   If chosen, you will receive an invitation via email with instructions on how to complete the application process.
  3. The terms "commissioned agent", "agent", "sales agent", "independent contractor" as used in our documents all refer to independent contractors making sales on behalf of First Page Frontier and being compensated with a percentage of those sales after collection of the income AND delivery of the services AND sufficient time passes as to minimalize the chances of a successful chargeback by our customer (adjusted as needed).
  4. Currently we are only accepting applications from US citizens living in the United States because of our restrictive tax laws here.   When we profit enough to pay an international lawyer for their input, we will explore adding international agents.   Just because we only use independent contractors from the USA doesn't mean that you can't sell globally!   International sales are encouraged.
  5. By submitting your information to our waiting list you are giving us permission to distribute your email address to our eligible independent contractors in order to investigate further by contacting you.   If this is unacceptable please do not put your name on our recruitment list.
  6. Agents are limited in the amount of recruits they can bring on board by how much they have sold (including all of their recruited agents' sales) so they will likely be curious as to your selling abilities and level of motivation.   Be prepared to answer a few questions, as agents will be able to pick those they feel will be the most profitable for everyone involved.
  7. Before ANY commissions will be paid out, we will have a completed and signed Form W9 on file with our bookkeeper.   NO EXCEPTIONS!
  8. Special considerations for Anyone considering joining a network marketing operation.   You should do your research before making a decision.   Consider these questions found during our research for any multi-level marketing system you are looking into:

    1. Was it pitched as a chance to make money by selling products or by recruiting others?
      • We are looking for people to sell our services.   We realize that we can expand more rapidly with the help of independent contractors and intend to reward them with sizeable commissions.
    2. What is the track record of the company's founders?
      • Obviously no track record because as we said, we are in alpha testing level.
    3. Are you personally enthusiastic about the products?
      • We would hope so, you have no restrictions on area, amounts or customers.   Large amounts of autonomy to start...   If you're not excited, you probably should consider another income source, because this is as good as it gets.
    4. Are people you know enthusiastic about the products?
      • Obviously no track record because as we said, we are in alpha testing level.
    5. Is the product being promoted effectively?
      • Obviously no track record because as we said, we are in alpha testing level.
    6. Do you foresee a relatively fast pathway to profits or a long time treading water?
      • It all depends on your sales skills and level of motivation.
    7. Do you foresee the market becoming saturated?
      • We consider that to be an impossibility in the near term.   Consider that we target local businesses globally with multiple language options and during our alpha and beta testing trials we will put no territorial restrictions.   So with just those factors the likelihood of saturation is astronomically small.   When you add to that our upcoming puzzlers' traffic, and our proprietary pricing system, we would bet big money against any kind of near term saturation.

    8. These are just a few of the questions we have seen regarding multi-tiered marketing and our honest answers to those questions.   If you're still interested we strongly encourage you to join our team and complete the form below.

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