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About Us

We are in the exploratory phase of analyzing a new business model.  

A few introductory disclosures for your information.   The Best 4 You, LLC is our parent company and we'll be using their shopify site along with a selected few others to experiment with.   If you like what you see there, buy it.   That will encourage our sponsors to increase their spend which will in turn make the web system larger.   If you don't, no worries, the experiment will continue with or without your purchase, but additional income will help twofold.   First this site is run on private servers and any profit demonstrated to have been generated due to this experiment will be used to improve our serving equipment.   Second, any profit demonstrated as a result of this will help secure more advertising and clients in the future.

We intend to lease our clicks from our page positions on Google, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube and others to our clients on a short cycle period, which is purchased in advance.   We will be as transparent as possible, but it is understood and agreed to that the position can change at any time without notice and it is beyond the control of First Page Frontier.   At the time of the click module lease we will make every effort to encourage appropriate customers to click the hyperlinks to our videos and be encouraged to be redirected to our customers' websites so that the purchaser can make an informed decision as to whether to lease or not.   The payment for the click module lease will be made via our parent company's shopify site or Paypal account.   We intend to integrate discounts in the future through the Shopify site.

The click module leases will be segregated by time to activation and also for targeted theme, tags and key words used for the proposed category, such as lawyer, dentist, chiropractor, plumber, real estate etc...   Each click module will have at least one short doodle video, usually more, permanently assigned to that click module.   Potential clients will be able to scruitinize some or all of the specific videos for that module and verify counts from prior clients before purchasing.   We intend to lease the modules in advance for consecutive 72 hour increments.   We make no claims or guarantees regarding the effectiveness of the clicks and offer no return on the lease fee due to the unpredictiveness of our product.   We intend to be as transparent as possible to allow for informed decisions by our clients and agents.

We also have a concurrent experiment going on with puzzle marketing tools, which we intend intigrating into this system.   The puzzle contest model forces puzzle contestants to visit our sponsors' websites and search for a solution to their puzzle on the sponsor's website in order to win that contest.   Sponsors are able to enhance the contest prize amounts on some of the puzzles to their specific contests to attract more contestants.   More information at Play 4 Pay, Puzzle Trends, The Puzzle Club and Puzzles 4 You.

We intend to enlist the help of numerous commissioned sales agents and pay significant percentages through multiple layers.   All of our agents will be required to be US citizens in the beginning until we have income sufficient to pay exorbitant legal costs to international attorneys.   More information on our agent's page.

Our bottom line; We want your business because we earned it, not because we surreptitiously bamboozled you into accepting a lengthy restrictive inequitable contract as many marketing agencies now do...

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